History of tradition and quality since 1969


About Belkovskyi leskhoz. Since 1936.

In the State Archives of the Ryazan region in fund 5311 in journal number 1 of the first forest management consultation on Belkovskyi district forestry from July 17, 1936 it is written: “Belkovskyi leskhoz was formed January 1, 1936 with the center of Gus-Zhelezny.

On March, 14, 1960 in the Belkovskyi leskhoz from Kasimovsky lespromkhoz transferred: Ozerny lesopunkt, Kletinsky sawmill , Kletinsky rafting office. The Belkovskyi leskhoz received the status of a timber enterprise. Reconstruction of the sawmill began, and in the settlement of Ozernyi and the village of Kletino, housing for the timber industry workers was constructed.

In 1961 the timber enterprise started shipment of timber on MAZ trucks instead of ZIL-150. Logs were skidded by means of TDT-55 skidders of Onega tractor plant. The booms are transported to Kletinsky lower storehouse, where a trestle for boom sawing was built and a tower crane was installed. In 1965 a new sawmill was built with installation of two high-capacity sawmills RD-75-6.

The sawn timber was transported and loaded by auto-loaders, and for loading into barges a diesel-electric floating crane, 5 ton carrying capacity, was installed.

At logging, instead of a hand saw, a Druzhba chainsaw was used at this time, which had great difficulty making its way into the forest. This was due to the low level of technical proficiency of loggers.

To fight fires, fire engines and fire cisterns appeared in the timber industry.

About Belkovskyi Lesokombinat. Since 1969 till 1994.

On April 10, 1969 order No.132 of the Ryazan Division of Forestry renamed Belkovskyi Lespromkhoz into Forest Combine. To provide jobs for the population of Gus-Zheleznyi, construction of car garages and a repair shop was started in the settlement.

OJSC Belkovskyi Lesokombinat now

OJSC “Belkovsky Lesokombinat” manufactures sawn timber using only quality wood harvested in-house with the use of modern computer-controlled Harvester logging machines and Forwarder tractors, which are both operated by one operator.

Further processing of the sawn timber is made on the sawmill shop basis, where the modern equipment, which provides production of export quality, is installed, lifting mechanisms, trestle for receiving and supplying of the raw material for sawing. As sawing equipment is used disc equipment, which allows to produce sawn timber of any cross-section, with particular purity and accuracy. The error of geometrical sizes of boards and planks cross-sections does not exceed 0,5 mm at length of 6m. Significant export volumes of the products, as well as a wide coverage of large customers in the domestic market speaks of the good quality of the products, which are in accordance with GOST standards.

Continuous renewal of equipment and economical usage of natural resources develops the timber mill and expands the assortment of goods. In addition to a variety of lumber in the range of products introduced log houses, charcoal, wooden pallets und wood pellets.

About Belkovskyi Lesokombinat

OJSC “Belkovskyi Lesokombinat” works with environmentally friendly material and brings heat, light, natural energy and the spirit of pine from the forests of Ryazan “Meshchera” to customers.

more than 50 years in the market
70 000 ha under lease
70 000 hectares of forest area under lease
Major employer
Export 10 Countries
Continue to develop the geography of supply
independent sawmills
120 000 m3
аnnual timber harvesting
The company’s own nursery and forestry